President’s Letter

Dear Client:

Richard French

Richard French

Our office and staff have over 32 years of extensive experience geared primarily to small and medium sized businesses. We have a very professional, personal approach designed to provide the best service at the most reasonable rates. Everyone in our organization, support staff, consultants, accountants, and tax personnel becomes a part of your team when you join our firm.

We work for you on a monthly basis to review your results, help you make money, save on taxes and plan for your future success. We, in an essence, become your part time Controller at an affordable investment.

If you have recently taken a buyout from Ford or Pfizer and are thinking of starting your own business, we encourage you to call us and schedule a free consultation to tap into our 30+ years of experience in helping small and medium sized businesses succeed.

Our “Accountant’s Special Business Package ™” includes:

  • GUIDANCE & CONSULTATION: Accounting, taxes and business decisions.
  • TAX PLANNING & TAX PREPARATION: Ongoing advice throughout the year regarding how to save you tax dollars and how many changes in the tax laws affect your business.
  • FORM FILING: Monthly payroll and sales tax returns.
  • ACCOUNTING & RECORD KEEPING: Computerized monthly or quarterly statements and analysis. Our fees are surprisingly affordable and you know up front what your costs will be. We work with our clients on a monthly basis. No matter how new or small, how growth-oriented or mature your business may be, our “Accountant’s Special Business Package™” will not only address your needs but also fit your budget.

Our promise is to give you the best service, to become part of your team and to help you achieve the goals you have for your business.

Richard French

Successfully Yours,
Richard P. French, President