Other Services

Business Valuation

There comes a time in the normal existence of a business when the owner desires an accurate independent appraisal of the value of their business.  This may be for a sale of stock, a transfer of the stock from generation to the next, succession planning, or just to give you, the owner, and independent opinion of the value of your business.

As an additional service we will review your historical and current business performance, including tax returns and financial statements, to provide you with an accurate value of your business.

Client Check Writing Software

We offer client check writing software for clients who wish to computerize their check and payroll writing functions.  At the end of the month when the software is closed This software uploads seamlessly into our internal software for preparation of you monthly financial statements.

Loan Applications

Today, more and more, bankers are insisting that loan applications be accompanied by a concise business plan, including future projections, supported by all the necessary financial statements.  We will help you organize and prepare all the paperwork necessary to present a professional loan application to your banker.