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Affordable Care Act Deadline To Notify Your Employees: October 1st 2013


Also called Obamacare, the Affordable Care is in effect and will have a different impact on employers and individuals. It is extremely important for employers to be aware of what their choices are and what they need to do legally. As an employer you should ask yourself;

  1.  Should I offer healthcare coverage?
  2. How much can I afford to Spend?
  3. What strategy will I choose?
  4. Will the law change before I have to take action?

The employer mandate has been delayed until 2015, but the individual mandate is still in full effect for January 1st, 2014. Employers must still deliver notices to their employees by October 1st, 2013, you can find forms outlined for you by the government to give your employees, there are two forms for companies that Will offer a health plan and Will NOT offer a health plan.

This notice cannot be e-mail or delivered electronically. It is highly suggested you have your employees sign saying they received the notice and if sent through mail, send with signature required, due to facing fines if an employee is not informed and/or not being honest about being notified. Comprehensive Accounting is here to help you with these notices for your employees or you as an individual, please Contact Us so we can guide you in the right direction.